Our Approach

New York State limits all inspectors to a "visual" inspection of homes. We can not open walls, remove ceilings, lift floor-boards, or take apart your furnace.

We can and do observe the details of a house and the affects of time. We use non-destructive measurement devices for moisture and temperature readings as well as ladders, binoculars, common sense, and years of experience to assess the condition of the building.

Mechanical systems that supply heat, air conditioning, and hot water, as well as the plumbing sanitation systems and delivery of water for a decent shower: all items are important and you want to know that the house systems are in good shape.

residential inspection of new construction
New, Old, or Under Construction — We Inspect!
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John Bernard

Home Inspector

John Bernard's 30 plus years experience in commercial and residential construction brings a wealth of knowledge about all the systems of a house, common issues to look out for with both new and older constructions, and his expert’s intuition about possible red flags to be aware of. John's expertise is carpentry and construction project management. Constructing and renovating houses and buildings from the ground up to the peak allows him to look at the surface of a wall and understand what is going on inside. He is a house detective! John enjoys the search for details and information in every house. Find a problem, find a solution.

As a member of ASHI, the American Society of Home Inspectors, John Bernard receives continuing education credits on a monthly basis.


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