Many areas of the country have higher than average radon gas emanating from the ground. This is naturally occurring but can be a health problem inside a home. Testing will indicate if a problem exists and solutions for remedying.


A water test for organics is the baseline. We can also test for lead and other heavy metals. In some areas a test for Radon in the water might be called for depending on Radon levels in the house and general area.


Our Inspection reports are thorough and cover the systems and features reviewed during your property inspection. Many people are fine with an e-mailed report but if desired, a printed report is available.


You want to be sure that the house furnace and AC system are properly installed and function. We also check for the approximate age of equipment to determine useful life-span. The electrical panel will be opened and circuits checked for proper size and installation.


The source of water and proper pressure is a very important component of your house. We check fixtures and drains, look for evidence of past and future problems. Dish washers, garbage disposals, sink traps, toilet seals … Everything is checked.


We do not recommend trades people. However, we can assist you in locating suitable local Contractors to give professional advice on house systems and make you aware of issues that need to be addressed.


Every wall, every door in a house tells a story. We look at surfaces to “see” what’s inside the walls. Your attic will expose roof, chimney, and structural issues. The basement offers another view of the foundation and mechanical systems. If there are water drainage issues, we should see evidence here.


Your roof is your umbrella and deserves attention along with chimneys, vents, and eaves. The foundation of a house supports everything and has to be in good repair. The skin between, the windows, siding, and doors keep the inside comfortable and the outside “looking good”. We will make sure to check your electric and gas service entry for proper installation.


Digital Photos & Detailed Explanations

Your inspection will include photographs as well as text explanations of the various components of the house, outlined in an easy-to-read format.

Your Involvement

If you are able to attend your home inspection, you will gain valuable knowledge about your prospective home.  You will learn the key items to control the primary systems of the house.

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